Here at Blossom, we value your expectations and aim to deliver high-quality canvas wraps every time. We think that when it comes to photography, there’s beauty in simplicity. We started creating canvas wraps grounded in principles that meant the most to us and our customers. By keeping canvas wraps handcrafted, made with the very best in eco-friendly materials, and always affordable, Blossom has earned a name in the canvas printing industry. The key difference with us is our fixation on quality.

Gallery walls are red hot right now and something you may be considering to update your home decor. But, to many non-designers, the task looks and feels daunting! Fortunately, with a little guidance and some easy how-to’s, you should be able to put together a gallery wall that is entertaining, attractive and inspiring.

Photo Courtesy of: Photos by Breein

A Perfect Photo Starts with Your Outfit

A nice way to say hello to your extended family is to take a photo of your immediate family to share with them often in greeting card fashion. Whether your family style is sassy, goofy, or serious, sometimes the clothing choices made can take away from the photo entirely. Listed you will find ways to create the perfect family photo, and a big part of that is your fashion choices.

The Background Can Set the Scene

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