The Blossom Canvas Difference

Here at Blossom, we value your expectations and aim to deliver high-quality canvas wraps every time. We think that when it comes to photography, there’s beauty in simplicity. We started creating canvas wraps grounded in principles that meant the most to us and our customers. By keeping canvas wraps handcrafted, made with the very best in eco-friendly materials, and always affordable, Blossom has earned a name in the canvas printing industry. The key difference with us is our fixation on quality. We professionally review and scrutinize every element during production to ensure that we seek perfection from start to finish.


For almost ten years, Blossom has extended its reach into crafting high-quality canvas wraps. While the integrity of our business and quality of our canvas wraps hasn't changed, we have added some new tools and exciting initiatives over the last few years. And there is even more to come! In attempts to improve the condition of our environment, we stuck with eco-friendly printing material and supplies. We have to keep our ecosystem in tip top shape if we expect to produce the best scene for our photos;) All jokes aside, it’s about giving back.


Blossom has produced high-end canvas wraps and fine art prints for businesses and individuals. We’ve been largely depended on to generate quality options using the most advanced printing technology to date. The printing process consists of nine colors collaborating to provide the most expansive series of hues available.

With only a few inks, we can reproduce the appearance of the photo’s original colors. Remember how we talked about simplicity? In the case of our color canvas, it’s true that less is more! Efficiency through keeping it simple is part of our contributing factors of success. We do this by focusing on giving. The more dedication we channel into delivering nothing but the best in all we can do, the more we are rewarded in the end.


At the end of the day, quality is great but the experience is crucial to return customers. Our fellow photographers understand where we're coming from! That's why we still follow the golden rule of business. Blossom treats all of your projects as our own and treats every one of our customers with the same respect as family members. If you ever need anything or have a question on your order (even a simple: how is it looking?), we are more than happy to chat! Feel free to live chat, email us at [email protected], or give us a shout at 1.800.972.9861.

Image Courtesy of: Sheri Vitullo Photography

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