How to Design the Perfect Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are red hot right now and something you may be considering to update your home decor. But, to many non-designers, the task looks and feels daunting! Fortunately, with a little guidance and some easy how-to’s, you should be able to put together a gallery wall that is entertaining, attractive and inspiring.

Before we dig in, remember that a wall should be something personal. Something meaningful. Your artwork, whether from your child’s kindergarten class, family memories on vacation, or portraits from a professional photographer is something with great value to you and your loved ones. How you display it will make it come alive all the more.

Try to enjoy the process. Arranging this wall will call on your own creativity. It will probably tug at your emotions at points. After-all, this wall is actually art on art.

Choose your message. Message? Yes, message. This wall tells a story. Decide what message you are trying to convey to your viewer. What emotion? What thoughts? What is the big take-away from your wall? Is it that your home is a place of love and safety? Or, that you and your family love adventures and all things in the extreme? Is it that your family has overcome heartache? Or, maybe it says that you and your loved ones know how to have a blast. This wall tells something about you.

Determine your pieces. For many of us, this might be the hardest part of the project...what to leave in, what to leave out. So many pieces, so few spots. Find your own way to narrow them down to a workable number. Then, look deeper into which ones might not quite meet the standard you are conveying in your messaging and eliminate them. Well, don’t destroy them, just put them in a different place in your home. Try to stay steady in your messaging.

Choose your wall. In some homes there is an obvious wall but for others the decision might not be that easy. Ask a friend to visualize the concept with you and to help you pick the best wall, all things considered. At the end of the day, there really is not a right or wrong wall, so don’t fret over it.

Experiment with textures. While gallery walls with all one type of art can look amazing, don’t be afraid to experiment with texture! Having a mixture of fine art canvas wraps, framed giclee photo prints, old photos or window boxes, and mixed texture art will engage the viewer even more and let your canvas and fine art prints stand out!

Prepare your pieces. You want each piece to be looking its best. For old photos, you might want to visit an art store to restore some lost qualities or remove some damage. Even with new photos, you might want to do some cropping in order to get the essential part of the piece, consistent with the message of the wall. One other thing, try to vary the shapes and sizes of your art.

Prepare your framing. Going with an entirely uniform framing will probably not look best. Most experts would suggest staying within color families or similar styles. For example, go light. Go with whites, off whites, antique whites, soft golds and soft silvers. You also might want to match the color-matting in order to bring a look that’s more collected than chaotic.

Do a mock layout of your work on the floor. Measure the space and try to recreate the look. This inevitably will lead to the removal and addition of a piece or two, and that is a welcomed thing. Arrange the work in any way that you desire, using a theme(s) or purely in a random fashion. Your choice. Leave the pieces on the floor for a day or two, so you can get a real feel for the collection as it will actually look. Maybe ask a few friends for their input. If you are designing a gallery wall with Blossom, each design comes with a wall layout template that you can easily hang and determine your nail holes.

Hang your gallery wall. Most experts say to center at 66 inches. Ensure pieces are evenly space and straightened. Don’t be afraid if you end up with a few extra nail holes…creativity is what makes art happen after all. Enjoy your new gallery wall!

View Blossom's canvas gallery wall templates.

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