Picking the Perfect Family Outfit

Photo Courtesy of: Photos by Breein

A Perfect Photo Starts with Your Outfit

A nice way to say hello to your extended family is to take a photo of your immediate family to share with them often in greeting card fashion. Whether your family style is sassy, goofy, or serious, sometimes the clothing choices made can take away from the photo entirely. Listed you will find ways to create the perfect family photo, and a big part of that is your fashion choices.

The Background Can Set the Scene

Knowing the type of background that will be used will help you to decide what style of clothes everyone should wear. Wearing swimwear or shorts next to a Christmas tree makes about as much sense as wearing a winter sweater would in a summer scene. Color can also make a huge difference. If the background is a solid color, such as green or black, you could get the green screen effect they use in movies in your family photos; this is not limited to these colors. Floating heads or missing legs never make for a professional-looking photo.

Coordination Is About More than Balance

When choosing the right outfits for yourself and your family, take color into account. Staying away from clashing colors is necessary, otherwise, your audience’s attention is on who is wearing what as opposed to how pretty the baby is smiling. Neutral colors can help enhance your photo without being distracting, while bright colors can draw attention to the wrong things. The purpose of your family photo is not just a Christmas card or updating the extended family on how big the not-so-little ones are getting, but also to provide you with a keepsake for when your children are grown.

Fashion Sense or Fashion Nonsense

Choosing matching colors can help to draw the viewer’s attention to your face rather than your clothes. One style would be to go with matching bottoms (such as dark denim) and one or two colors for tops (browns and creams are great for autumn!). Another would be to select a set limit on colors, such as different shades of red for the girls and shades of blue for the boys, avoiding colors like black and white. Black and white may set a nice contract, but using these colors can lose the details in an outfit.

Avoid busy patterns, popular characters, or phrases that can detract from a family photo and date it. Twenty years from now that character or phrase may be forgotten, but the memories of life when the family photo was taken will not.

Have Fun with It

In your photos, you want to show a happy family, so obviously, your smile is one of the most important things you want to wear. The most natural smiles in photos actually come from laughter, and the best way to induce laughter, especially in younger children, is to have fun. Accessories can help add fun and bring some extra style to your pictures. Necklaces or beads for little ones to play with, and belts, ties, hats, or scarves for the adults, can help add the fun back into what may feel like work. Do not be afraid to be silly with your accessories. When everyone is having fun (including your photographer), your photo will be picture perfect!

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